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Drumming workshops for Schools

As part of our mission to bring the power and music of African Drumming into the wider world, we also deliver half-day and full day drumming workshops in schools and colleges throughout the UK.

"A brilliant way to motivate the children, to arouse their musical curiosity and develop their awareness of other cultures."

What happens on an African Drumming Day?

We bring African Djembe drums and percussion instruments from around the globe and teach children simple African rhythms and percussion arrangements. With older children (10+), we also create opportunities for them to compose their own pieces of music.

What are the benefits of the Drumming Days?

Commonly reported benefits for children who participate are:-

  • Increased musical Skills
  • Greater listening Skills
  • Motivation and engagement
  • Creativity and Self-expression
  • Reduced levels of stress and anger
  • Better c ommunication Skills
  • Co-operation and Teamwork
  • Fun-based learning

How long does the day last?

We have half-day and full day packages. Sessions are usually 30 minutes per class, but can be 45 minutes or 1 hour if preferred. We can also tailor the day to meet your school's requirements and deliver a rhythmic team-building session for teachers and staff !

When is a good time to run a School Drumming Day?

We run school drumming workshops throughout the school year. However, school drumming events fit in neatly with the following programmes and times:-

  • Music Week
  • Africa Week
  • Diversity Days
  • Black History Month
  • Creativity Courses
  • Rewards
  • Post-exam or end of term Celebrations


Some of the schools and colleges we have worked with include:

Hasmonean Primary School, Channel School Folkestone, Torah Vodaas School, West Nottinghamshire College, Slough Grammar School and even London Business School !

"The entire day was excellent- the children were focussed from the start, highly engaged and excited to learn."

Please email us here or call us on 020 8960 8214 or

07956 573 470 to discuss your school requirements further.


school events

school events

school events

school events


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