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Barmitzvah  & Batmitzvah Drumming Events

Celebrate the special Barmitzvah time in your child’s life with a high energy drumming event. There are three ways that you can use us. Pick as many as you like.

Barmtzvah video

Everyone plays

We give every one of your guests a drum or percussion instrument and within a matter of minutes we turn them into a funky drum and rhythm band.

Whether you have 50 or 500 guests at your Barmitzvah, we will whisk the instruments in an out of the room, giving everybody a high energy surprise.

No skills are needed and this 20-30 minute session is light hearted and fun.

The session is usually slotted in before or after dessert!

Whenever it happens, it will bring people together, raise their energy and create a wow factor for your party.

Kids Play

We take the kids away from the main Barmitzvah party for a little while and teach them how to play the different drum and percussion instruments, turning them into a mini percussion troupe.

If requested, we can coach them to do a small drumming performance for the adults afterwards.

We play

Invite two or three of our live drummers to play along to your Barmitzvah DJ and band.

We will mingle with your guests on the dancefloor, energise their dancing and get them into the party spirit.

Call  07956 573 470 or email us to find out more.

Bar Mitzvahs

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